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I hate December 31.
My views in life are ever-changing.
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Enjoy. (:


gimme that 23/30; i want my B+! or even better a 28/30 so I can get an A-. heuhuehuehuehue

im so sick and tired of having you assume that i can just adjust my schedule to make time for shit you need to do. i don’t give a fuck if it needs to be done soon, don’t just assume that i’m willing to do this shit because honestly, the more the fucking pry at me. the more annoying you get and the more angry i will get before i snap at you. clearly it seems as if our father-son relationship is semi emotionally abusive. 

i don’t care if you’re sorry that you weren’t in most of my life, nothing’s going to fix that now is it? making me help you with your shit won’t get anything done either. this is why people have friends so people can just ask to quickly drop by here and there without having to fucking cave into peer pressure and guilt. just because i’m your son doesn’t mean i’m obligated to do chores you need to get done. don’t even bother pulling the “this is for grandma” card because it’s honestly for you. don’t go pushing me around and thinking you can get away with it by thinking that me yelling at you isn’t appropriate because it’s the only way i have to resort to just to get you to fucking listen to me.

do you not fucking feel the vague plea of me not wanting to do this? i don’t need to invest MY time dealing with this. i do not consider this as bonding time. i consider this as slavery and having to do this so you don’t bicker and guilt trip me.

one day just wait for it, because then that day comes, i’m gone and you’re fucked. i may forgive easily, but the more this prolongs, the more i’ll never forgive and make you feel like a giant piece of shit.

do not boss me around. i hate how you gloat about being so superior in certain things but when you can’t do something, you come crawling to me in hopes of me doing it for you. learning new shit isn’t hard. honestly i’m sure you can fucking learn it yourself; i teach you so much shit, you just seem to forget. i highly doubt it’s because you’re old but rather that you just rely on me.

i may be your son, but not everything in our relationship is unconditional.


omgmmgmgmmgoogmgogomgoogmg stephen amell’s going to be there…

iimmma shit if i see him…. or even be in the same room as him…

omg if i see him… i’ll have nothing for him to sign…. BUT THEN I CAN TAKE A BAD ASS SELFIE WITH HIM WITH MY CAMERA.

OMG……… i need help

arrow is such a good show =3=

if u h8 the spider rider’s dubbed theme song then we rn’t frenz.

my name is matthew fong and i have a masters degree in complaining.