Burnaby, BC.
Running since July 25, 2010.
I hate December 31.
My views in life are ever-changing.
Aspiring Stoic.
Hoot Owl.
Owl City. David Archuleta. Shawn Desman. OneRepublic. Big Bang. Zedd. Bridgit Mendler.
The Legend of Zelda. The Sims 3. The Last Story. Grandchase. Fire Emblem Awakening.
How I Met Your Mother. Modern Family. Community, Teen Wolf. Degrassi. Arrow.
Pokemon. Fairy Tail. Cardcaptor Sakura. Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Digimon. Naruto. One Piece. Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra. RWBY. Shingeki no Kyojin. Madoka Magica. Soul Eater.

Enjoy. (:


harrison, road test, frosh work, movie night, sleepovers back to back, camping, and more frosh work until the end of August. v.v what a month.

If there is ever a day where I am utterly bored, I will troll this website so hard that there will be a war so big it’ll be known as World Wide War: WWW. Cause internet. lol

it’s friends like these you want to keep and treasure forever.

being told that i have more enthusiasm than the one chosen and that i should have been chosen instead has made all the difference.

it’d be p cool if i could get into my preferred classes for the fall semester.

thank you 姑 and 姑丈 for being my pre-school and showing me happiness in life through sweets, cookies, naps, washroom breaks, and games.

thank you 大舅父 for being the realist of the family and humbling my cousins and I and showing care and affection for our growth throughout our youth.

thank you 舅父 for allowing me to be your second son. thank you for being there to talk to when I need someone. thank you for teaching me survival and life skills. despite your strong personality, not only have i learned to stand up for myself, but i’ve learned to know where to stop when i’m angry. 

thank you 姨媽 for raising me in my youth. thank you for never getting mad at me and for always teaching me right from wrong. thank you for the free haircuts all my life. thank you for the endless love you’ve always given me.

thank you 爷爷 for all the times we went to the park. thank you for always praising me when i was only one. you never got to see my grow and you never knew how i would grow but you always said i’d end up smart and handsome.

thank you 媽媽 for always babysitting me. thank you for raising my father well. even until now you’ll go through the effort of making me food. you’ll always ask if i’m cold. you never stop worrying about my cousins and I. you are the most selfless woman in my life and i respect you so much for that. from the countless walks to the local grocery store to hard boiling eggs for me to the endless instant noodles and dumplings, there’s never a time when you haven’t spoiled me rotten.

thank you 公公 for picking me up from school sometimes back in elementary school. thank you for the walks we went on. thank you for the noodles and food you always made. because of you and 婆婆 i was able to reunite with my closest and favourite cousin. thanks for the popsicles and the smiles and hugs and the endless dinners you always pay for.

thank you 婆婆 for all of the haircuts you gave back in the day. thank you for all of the earl grey tea you steeped for us. thank you for making 叉燒寶 with alex, lorna, and i. thank you for telling my mom that i am a pure hearted and always thinking of others. thank you for taking amazing care in raising my mother.

that jump inside when you send something to the wrong person.

freaking laptop had a 45-minute spasm of Windows responding and not responding omfg dont scare me like that

heh i get the king sized bed tonight. yaaaay