Burnaby, BC.
Running since July 25, 2010.
I hate December 31.
My views in life are ever-changing.
Aspiring Stoic.
Hoot Owl.
Owl City. David Archuleta. Shawn Desman. OneRepublic. Big Bang. Zedd. Bridgit Mendler.
The Legend of Zelda. The Sims 3. The Last Story. Grandchase. Fire Emblem Awakening.
How I Met Your Mother. Modern Family. Community, Teen Wolf. Degrassi. Arrow.
Pokemon. Fairy Tail. Cardcaptor Sakura. Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Digimon. Naruto. One Piece. Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra. RWBY. Shingeki no Kyojin. Madoka Magica. Soul Eater.

Enjoy. (:


im looking over my old tumblr posts and omfg

im such a fucking emo bitch stfu i want to slap my high school self so hard what was my fucking damage LOOOL

this is probably going to be the first night where im sleeping upset cause of someone else in a long time.


there’s a difference between being spoiled and being fortunate.

i just remembered back in grade 6 i was playing kitten cannon in the computer room and i got in trouble because it was a violent and inappropriate game. i told the teacher that was there that i’ve been playing this game for the past year and no one’s complained about it except him. because i argued with him i was sent outside. and while i was outside i had to go to the washroom so i just left my post and went on without letting the teacher know just to spite him. once i came back i got in a bit more trouble but it’s not like he could do anything to me since he wasn’t actually my teacher so i just went to my computer and did other stuff.


everything’s going to be alright.

tomorrow will go well.

nothing need to hope for anything before it will end up right.